Stone Capital Group has access to equity markets across all 5 continents, on 30+ stock exchanges.

Our comprehensive platforms allow our clients to trade anything from small caps to the largest companies in the world such as Apple. We offer the convenience of clients trading shares on their own via our online platforms or services of a broker. We offer the facility to short stock as well as margin lending if required.

Our powerful platforms provide access to reliable, fast, streaming, real-time stock market prices

How can we help you?

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Why trade stocks?


Successful stocks can help your money grow—at times, they can even outrun inflation


Some stocks pay regular dividends—that’s income you can keep or reinvest


Since stocks trade by the millions every day, you can move quickly when you’re buying or selling


You decide which company to invest in, when it’s time to buy, and when it’s time to sell

Stone Capital Group has a strategic plan for our traders

Why trade stocks with Stone?

Our platforms, strategies and professional general advise mean you will never have to face the markets on your own.

  • Get real-time streaming market data
  • Easy to read charts
  • Find companies that fit into your portfolio
  • Trade quickly and easily