Stone Capital offers trading of EFTs along with tools and guidance that make it easy to find the right ones for your portfolio.

An ETF is a fund which owns the underlying assets (stocks, bonds, oil, gold bars etc) and divides ownership of those assets into shares. Cheaper than running a managed fund and are more flexible in that you can buy a ETF that utilizes leverage or buy an Inverse ETF which offers positive returns if underlying assets decline.

Stone Capital has everything you need to start working with ETFs right now.

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Why trade EFTs?


ETFs are collections of potentially dozens, hundreds, even thousands of investments


They are traded on major exchanges and are easy as stocks to buy and sell


You can buy ETFs that track specific industries or strategies

Low costs

They’re usually less expensive than other baskets of investments

Stone Capital has a strategic plan for our traders

Why trade EFTs with Stone Capital?

Buy and sell EFTs with our easy-to-use trading tools


  • Select a diversified set of ETFs with our portfolio building tools
  • Talk to our expert brokers for assistance any time
  • Use screeners  to quickly focus in on the funds you are looking for
  • Trade quickly and easily