Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management involves making decisions on asset selections of a wide range of investments including shares, cash, bonds, ETFs and fixed interests. Stone Capital Group provides clients with active Portfolio Management based on critically researched key thematic drivers, market risks and the assessment of high quality assets.

See the present with clarity – Stone Capital Group’s Market Insights report delivers timely market and economic information and discusses in brief key market themes to help investors make more-informed investment decisions.

Stone Capital provides a four-step approach to your portfolio management services.

1. We Give General Advise

By adopting an active management approach to your investments, we provide general advice on the key themes and market risks that are driving our equity markets so that each client can take advantage and build wealth within their portfolio.

2. We Implement

Using the key themes and market risks we implement an Equity Strategy based on a wide range of investments including shares, cash, bonds, ETFs and fixed interests that seek to outperform our market benchmarks.

3. We Monitor

Our experienced and qualified brokers monitor these positions on a daily basis. Keeping in touch with news and research and the continuous flow of market data to be better position ourselves to make timely decisions when the situation demands.

4. We Report

Our systems generate all the tax sensitive reports and provides transparency to what we do. You can have confidence that all reporting requirements are adhered to with the strictest of compliance and detail.

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Portfolio Management with Stone Capital

  • Direct Ownership
  • Quality of General Advice
  • Risk Management
  • Research and Analysis
  • Collaborative Approach
  • Performance Orientated
  • Capital Gains and Income Focused
  • Cash Management Facilities
  • Streamlined Administration and Reporting

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